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From the purposeful use of eco-friendly construction materials to The Grove's daily operations and sustainable practices, meticulous care has been taken to reduce our carbon footprint, paving the way for greener travel.

You will find biodegradable and sustainable materials used throughout.  We work to conserve and protect the landscape, wildlife and natural habitats


Some other ways we are paving the way for greener travel include:


  • The North facing aspect uses the northern sunlight to help regulate the temperature throughout the seasons

  • Non toxic and recycled materials have been used throughout the property

  • Energy saving E Glass & solar have been installed for reduced energy consumption

  • Dedicated 15amp outlet under carport for Electric Vehicle charging

  • 5/6 star water saving plumbing fittings installed to reduce water usage

  • Energy saving lighting installed, saving up to 80% less energy

  • Our own water supply filtered by a Hybrid UV filtration system, ensures safe and clean water throughout the entire home


  • NO single use amenities or plastic bottles

  • Our bathroom amenities come in refillable bottles made in Western Australia by Somic and infused with natural oils

  • Natural linen & cotton bedding

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products

  • Biodegradable dish sponges and reusable dishcloths

  • 100% bamboo and recycled toilet paper and paper towels

  • We use local suppliers where possible and enjoy engaging with our local community, supporting mindfulness around sustainability


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